Proud Air Force Spouse #6

We're beyond pleased to display this tag for our business as Brandy Marie's spouse, Matt, has served for the past 20 years as a fire fighter for the U.S. Air Force, fulfilling several deployments to the middle-east and other areas of the world.

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People need people!! #5

We learned during the pandemic that isolation and the inability to feel another’s touch decreases one’s mental health and life expectancy. You’re probably wondering, ok Brandy where are you going with this. 

Well, I get asked why is it that you require me to see …

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Why aesthetics? #4

When I was sick and trying to find out how to help myself feel better I started to discover different modalities to treat issues and aesthetics had a lot of the answers. For instance sunblock yes it was taught when I was younger however it wasn’t until my late 20s…

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Mental health – is it real? #3

I get told several times Throughout a work week that mental health is

1- not real, 

2-shouldn’t have to rely on a pill to make me happy, 

3- it’s mind over matter! 

And to this I answer that we all have different ailments to our body, our vessel, our vehicle f…

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Dinner at the table #2

I have been asked several times why I have the whole family sit down at the kitchen table for dinner. Not only do we sit down for dinner at the table we have a no electronics rule. I started doing this because eating family dinners even though it was just me and m…

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The questions we get asked #1

Upon starting our adventures of Blogging, we have decided here at the clinic we want to share all of the fun interesting questions we get asked working in a Functional Medicine Clinic. 

Today this question is coming from Brandy: I am always getting asked what the…

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