People need people!! #5

People need people!! #5

We learned during the pandemic that isolation and the inability to feel another’s touch decreases one’s mental health and life expectancy. You’re probably wondering, ok Brandy where are you going with this. 

Well, I get asked why is it that you require me to see you in person so often for provider visits? Because people need people! We need to be heard! We need to be seen! And- we need to be touched! 

Our community has become one that does not want to share even a friendly smile or a simple hello. I want to change that!! I want us to be a community that cares, again! Therefore, when I start you on a new medication, I want to see you back in a month. If an aesthetic procedure has been performed, I want you to know I am still thinking about you the next day after providing you the procedure, that is why I send you a follow up text message through the work phone seeing how you are doing! This provides you as my patient the opportunity to get clarity on what is “normal” healing from a procedure and for me to know you are doing ok! This allows two things to occur, for you to be heard and for me to know you’re doing well after receiving a procedure. 

Lastly this follow up text or return visit within a month’s time allows me to see you and you to be seen. You do not have to know or understand this, but we are made up of energy. When I get to see you in person, I get to feel your energy allowing me to see you!! It may sound strange, but this is who I am and what I know! After all people need people! So, if you have been thinking about someone reach out to them, go listen to them, hold their hand, and give them a big hug. Because every day is a gift enjoy it! 

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