Mental Health – Is It Real? #3

Mental Health – Is It Real? #3

Mental Health – Is It Real? #3

I get told several times Throughout a work week that mental health is

1- not real, 

2-shouldn’t have to rely on a pill to make me happy, 

3- it’s mind over matter! 

And to this I answer that we all have different ailments to our body, our vessel, our vehicle for this life and we all suffer from disease processes. We as providers may not have the most perfect answers or solutions yet to properly address mental health however it is necessary in order to live our best life and to rise to your fullest potential to give treatment a chance. It wasn’t until I was 30 that I experiencedourreachlivesbuthealth,vessel, andthis,It3:happy.I shouldn't1:week, pure joy, with the exception of my children’s birth. It wasn’t until I was forced into getting help for my own mental illness that I realized that this was really real. With that being said, there are several different medication’s out there that provide different help for the brain, depending on what disease is ailing that person.

I also get asked 4: What do the medications do? well there are several different types Some of the most common are select serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, which allow the brain to spend more time with the serotonin we naturally make. Then there are select norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors that allow the brain to spend more time with the norepinephrine that’s produced by the brain. There are anti-seizure drugs that are used to help slow the brain, along with antipsychotics that work in a multitude of different ways. With this being said, there’s no perfect medicine for just one person because we are all different

The last thing I get asked a lot about regarding mental health is "Why treat diseases of the brain? Living in a constant state of disease is exhausting for the body. Allowing the body to feel some ease, even if it is using medication that is made in a laboratory, can be so rewarding if it is the right medicine for you. 

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