Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

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The idea of dermal fillers is to help reduce hard lines & shadows. Fat pockets shift with aging, so filling in hallows of the face helps achieve a more youthful appearance. Facial fillers are a non-surgical solution to rejuvenate the reduced plumpness of the face. 

We always customize your treatment to your skin condition to accentuate your facial features at maximum capability resulting in a sculpted appearance.

This product is reversible for hyaluronic acid & will dissolve over 6-12 months. Calcium SIP is not reversible & will dissolve 2-3 years.

Where can filler be placed?

  • Lips 
  • Cheeks
  • Under eyes
  • Chin


Tired Eyes- $630.00

Tear trough/Under Eye filler helps to fill in the hollowness below the eyes using our Belotero Hyaluronic Acid Filler.

Complete Tired Eyes- $630.00

Uses Mint Smoothing Threads to fill out the hollowness to the tear troughs and to crows feet.

Exhausted Eyes- $710.00

PRF is used to fill out the hollowness to the tear troughs and diminish discoloration under the eyes. 

Extra Tired Eyes- $815.00

Belotero Hyaluronic Acid Filler and PRF is placed into the tear trough to help reduce hollowing and discoloration.

Plump and Smooth

Cheek Filler- $840.00

Regain your cheek volume that has been lost with time with the use of Radiesse Filler.

Soft Lines Filler on face- $525.00

Fill in any of those soft lines on your face that you despise with Belotero Filler.

Marionette Lines/Wrinkles- $685.00

Versa Filler injected into deep lines formed from time and use of the facial muscles.

Full Chin 

Chin Filler- $945.00

PRF is drawn from the patient and re-injected into the chin to provide a natural way to refill out crepiness and laxity along with Radiesse filler.

Mid Face Rejuvenation- $1,270.00

Radiesse or Versa Dermal filler added with PRF to smooth and plump up your face for a full mid face rejuvenation. 

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