Harmony of Health, Beauty, and Balance

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures and Treatments in Clinton

Welcome to Brandy Marie Family & Aesthetic Care, where compassionate healthcare is not just a service but a heartfelt commitment. Our goal is to provide superior patient care that is consistent, caring, and compassionate as a reputable name in the healthcare sector for the past 29 years. Located in Clinton, we ...

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Elevate Your Well-Being With Comprehensive Health & Aesthetic Care

At Brandy Marie Family & Aesthetic Care, we believe in providing whole-body care that goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment extends from yearly health visits to specialized non-surgical aesthetic procedures and treatments. Our experienced team is here to offer a broad array of services to address common ...

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Happy Clients

Richard Gonzales

I want everyone to know how great the people at this clinic are and how much care they give to their patients. I had C19, my Dr wouldn't see me and the ER said there was nothing they could do until I got worse. A neighbor gave me the number to Brandy and her amazing team. She was out of town and called her nurse in on her off day to take care of me. Brandy is one who truly cares about saving lives and doing the right thing regardless of what's happening around us. Her and her staff are true heros and deserve to know they are making a difference.Thank You for taking me in and getting me what I needed to not end up in the hospital. Keep up the good fight against the tyranny we are facing.


I love the care and attention I get from Brandie and her amazing staff!

Mar 29, 2024