More Services Offered

Joint injection with PRF • 1 Joint

1 joint, 1 visit

Joint injection with PRF • 2 Joints

1 visit, two joints

Trigger Point injections with Neuromodulator

1 area of trigger points injected, $210 + Botox cost per unit

"O" Shot

PRF is injected into the ladies to help decrease urinary incontinence, loss of arousal, and inability to reach climax.

"P" Shot

PRF is injected into the gentlemen to help decrease erectile dysfunction, loss of arousal, and inability to reach climax. Additional equipment is provided with the P shot.

Combo PRF Treatments (Cash Pay)
+ PRF to another Aesthetic treatment

PRF is drawn from the patient and re-injected into the aesthetic area of treatment. Prices start at $160 and up.

Fat Treatments
Cottage Cheese treatment

QWO is injected into 12 cellulite dimples on the body, every 21 days. This is the only FDA treatment to treat cellulite. This treatment takes three treatments & is sold as one treatment even thought it's 3 treatments over 2 &1/2 months.

TruSculpt ID
Semaglutide Injection

Semaglutide Injections are new to our practice. 

We are offering this injection for $350 a month, we will also like to do a monthly visit for up to 3 months. 

Each month will have 1 injection per week. 

Body Contouring
45 Minute Session- Covers 1 Area
Booty Lift- Anti Cellulite treatment: 30 minutes
Neck sculpting- Neck Tightening: 30 minutes
Muscle Sculpting- Muscle toning: 30 Minutes per area